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The Days of Awe are upon us

The Days of Awe are upon us

Aug 29, 2018

L'shanah tovah

This past year, we BIJC has made many strides forward. As we anticipate our tomorrows, we are filled with purpose. We wish you a year filled with meaning, learning, and growth beginning with our High Holiday services.

A Year of Anticipation

These High Holidays approach within a world of constantly shifting priorities as individuals and peoples struggle to figure out where the divisiveness in our country will lead us. It is good that the holidays come on this annual cycle and render us the opportunity to gather as community in order to focus on our individual lives and gain new hope and strength for the new year, 5779 on our calendar.

On the Saturday evening before Rosh Hashana (or, as this year, a week earlier when Rosh Hashana begins on a Sunday night) our people have gathered together to intensify preparations for being in the synagogue for the holiday. Our schedule of services can be found here. This Saturday evening, September 1, please join us at 7:00 p.m. at BIJC for a brief Selichot (forgiveness) experience. Afterwards, those who wish, are invited to an evening hike nearby to find the silence of the evening as an opportunity for self-reflection. The hike will be led by Adam Kaplan-Kinsey.

Please note that our holiday services are open and that we do not use tickets. Donations are requested, but not required. We believe strongly that all of us should be able to be together, savor in the liturgy of the holy days, and find our spirits inspired to make the next year a good one for ourselves, our family, and our community.

The Kotzker Rebbe once said of a famous rabbi: "That's a tzaddik (a righteous person) in a fur coat." His disciples asked him what he meant by this. "Well," he explained, "one man buys himself a fur coat in winter, another buys kindling wood. What is the difference between them? The first wants to keep only himself warm, the second wants to give warmth to others, too."

May the warmth of our being together inspire us to navigate the "winter" moments of life in a way that spring can blossom forth. May all of us have a new year filled with peace, health, happiness, and prosperity.

Shana Tova,

Rabbi Ted Feldman

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