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Have a Happy Hanukkah

Dec 01, 2018

It is the night before Hanukkah...and I am thinking about how much this holiday has evolved over the decades of my life. From the little tin Hanukkiah and the orange candles that lit our way through the cold winter nights to the beautiful Hanukkiot of today, it seems that the holiday has changed just as has the Jewish world. What has not changed is the message of Hanukkah...of light in darkness, of strength in the face of a world that would, at times, deprive Jews of life and liberty...


Thanksgiving Opportunities

Nov 21, 2018

Being Grateful

So much happening and constantly. Isn't it good to take a day to step back and focus, not on the struggles of our world, but on those things in our lives for which we can be grateful? Actually, as Jews, we have this ability one day a week. Shabbat is that time to be with family, friends and community. It is certainly more than okay that, as Americans, we take this opportunity to make this one day called Thanksgiving something different.


80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

Nov 09, 2018

On the evening of November 9, 1938 the Jewish community of Germany experienced death and destruction as Nazi sympathizers rampaged through the streets. Jewish businesses and synagogues were destroyed and lives were lost. Now, eighty years later we are experiencing a precipitous rise of nationalism here in America, on the European continent and elsewhere. As someone commented to me this morning, "when nationalism rises, so does anti-Semitism.'


A Shared Message of Unity

Oct 31, 2018



In the wake of the attack in Pittsburgh this past week, where 11 people lost their lives simply because of their faith, we as a nation, we as a community, have been deeply impacted by such unbridled hate and violence.


A Few Announcements and an Anniversary

Oct 05, 2018

A couple of important announcements to draw to your attention...

B'nai Israel Cemetery Committee Request

The B'nai Israel Cemetery Committee would sincerely appreciate your participation and input regarding the B'nai Israel Jewish Cemetery at Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Petaluma. The Quarterly B'nai Israel Cemetery Volunteer Day Event at B'nai Israel Cemetery within Cypress Hill Memorial Park is approaching. This event helps to make a difference in the appearance and cleanliness of the Jewish Cemetery.


Of Buses and Caves

Jul 11, 2018

My first trip to Israel was in the summer of 1970, three years after the Six Day War. I was a staff person on United Synagogue Youth Israel Pilgrimage and was honored to be able to go there at that stage of my life. In those days, the regular buses of Egged were used for tours, at least the one I was on. Among the first things I learned about riding on these buses was that at the top of the hour, when the radio on the bus beeped, everyone was to be silent so we could hear the news.