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The mission of B’nai Israel Jewish Center is to provide an inclusive center for Jewish life that addresses the cultural, religious, spiritual, educational, and social needs of those who wish to identify with the Jewish community in Petaluma and surrounding areas.

Welcome to B’nai Israel Jewish Center!

Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner at La Bodega

Friday, April 24th, 2015 at 6:00 PM
2295 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol

Join Rabbi Ted, Mia Miriam, and Singing Cowboy Scott Gerber in welcoming the joy and Peace of Shabbat with song, prayer, and community... with a delicious Shabbat dinner.

Please call us for your reservation at (707) 827-1832.

Prices are as follows: Adults (age 12 and up), $27.50. Children ages 10-12, $15. Children ages 5-10, $10. Children younger than 5, free. All prices include tax and tip.

Download a copy of the evening's menu here.


A Letter From Rabbi Meredith Cahn

Dear B'nai Israel Members,

As you know, B'nai Israel Jewish Center and Congregation Ner Shalom have collaborated for three years now on J School, our Community School for Jewish Learning, the Jazzy Way to Do Jewish (our brand new tag line). We operate on a shoestring, with tuitions from parents, a small scholarship fund from the Federation, a contribution from BIJC and in-kind support from CNS. We are going to be short in our budget this year. So we ask that if you are in a position to contribute to J School, we'd be very grateful. Any funds are welcome and a worthy place to give tzedakah. Please know that your contribution is tax-deductible.

With all of your support, the J School can continue to be a reality for our families.

Rabbi Meredith Cahn

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